About Us

Werlinger & Associates, Inc. has been the leader in providing expert technical consulting services to the insurance industry for over 35 years. We have assisted insurance companies, independent adjusters, and attorneys in billions of dollars’ worth of equipment property damage claims throughout the United States and the world. When our clients are facing national and international catastrophes, they call on us.

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Areas of Specialty

Equipment Damage Assessment

We use our proprietary Damage Assessment Protocol to perform detailed equipment assessments in order to determine the scope of damage and corrective actions.

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Repair vs. Replacement Analysis

We perform comprehensive repair versus replacement analysis to determine whether the equipment can be technically and economically restored to a pre-loss condition.

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RCV / ACV Determination

We conduct RCV analysis to determine comparable replacements for affected equipment and identify enhancements and upgrades. We also use our database, resources, and experience to determine ACV.

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Other Technical  Services

Our additional consulting services include production impact evaluation, production restoration plans to mitigate Business Interruption exposure, contamination analysis, subrogation and litigation support, and more.

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