Werlinger & Associates was founded in Anaheim, California, in 1978 out of the realization that property damage claims could be resolved fairly and more cost-effectively if the insurance industry had the help of technical experts who could perform damage assessment and analysis.  In the 35 years since then, we have assisted our clients in resolving billions of dollars’ worth of equipment property damage claims.  From our offices in Yorba Linda, California, and Red Bank, New Jersey, we send our consultants throughout the United States and around the world in order to help our clients settle claims accurately and fairly.

In working with losses ranging from minor incidents to national and international catastrophes, W&A’s experienced consultants rely on our road-tested protocols to help our clients in the following ways:

  • assess equipment damage
  • develop recovery solutions
  • determine replacement cost and actual cash valuations
  • create production impact mitigation plans
  • evaluate equipment property damage claims
We believe in a Team Approach, in which we work closely with the Insured’s technical representatives throughout the claim process, from damage assessment to final recommendations.  This Team Approach means that both our clients and the Insured can be confident in the integrity and accuracy of the claim resolution.


In everything we do, we are committed to our core principles:


  • Practicing openness, honesty, and objectivity in our work

Technical Capabilities

  • Providing expert technical assistance to our clients at all times
  • Collaborating and sharing knowledge among our technical staff so that each client can benefit from the experience of our entire team
  • Hiring subject matter experts when specialized knowledge is required

Quality Work Product

  • Bringing our technical expertise to bear on every assignment in a timely, professional manner
  • Providing our clients with clear, insightful analysis in our written reports, spreadsheets, and other submitted documentation

People Skills

  • Interacting in a positive, friendly, and professional manner with our clients and the Insured
  • Creating mutual respect through our emphasis on the Team Approach
  • Building lasting relationships with our clients


  • Responding to our clients and the Insured immediately and expeditiously throughout the claim process
  • Communicating in a continuous and timely way about turnaround times, deadlines, and work status
  • Addressing complaints or issues quickly and professionally