With our range of equipment property damage assessment capabilities, we give our clients the knowledge and resources to settle claims accurately and fairly.

Equipment Damage Assessment

We conduct detailed equipment assessments to determine the scope of damage and corrective actions.

  • We use the custom and proprietary damage assessment protocol W&A has developed over the years:
    • Detailed physical inspection process
    • Wipe sample procedures
    • The Team Assessment Report
    • Specific information required during inspection
    • Guidelines for photographic documentation
  • We engage the Insured’s technical representatives to jointly determine scope of damage and corrective actions.
  • We take additional steps to determine scope of damage and corrective actions if necessary (e.g., chemical analysis, special tests, or baseline analysis).

Repair vs. Replacement Analysis

We perform comprehensive repair versus replacement analysis to determine whether the equipment can be technically and economically restored to a pre-loss condition.

  • We have a database of resources for evaluation, repairs, and restoration of numerous types of systems.
  • Our detailed analysis determines whether equipment can be economically restored and the chances of successful restoration to pre-loss condition.
  • We work to ensure our clients don’t pay for restoration or repairs and then also have to pay for replacement.

RCV / ACV Determination

  • RCV analysis determines the most comparable replacements for equipment deemed constructive total losses and identifies upgrades and enhancements.
  • ACV analysis relies on our resources and experience to determine the ACV for equipment.
  • Our experienced technical staff members have performed RCV / ACV analysis for a wide range of engineering disciplines and equipment types.
  • Our recommendations are provided in comprehensive reports and supporting documentation.

Other Technical Services

  • Evaluation of the production impact to businesses and manufacturing environments;
  • Determination of temporary and permanent actions required to restore production capabilities as quickly as possible and mitigate Business Interruption exposure;
  • Contamination analysis;
  • Subrogation and litigation support.