Water Discharge in a Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication FacilityRead More »

A two-inch HVAC pipe ruptured over the photolithography area of a Class 1 Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Cleanroom (FAB) that produced $10 million of Semiconductor Chips per week.

Telecommunication Equipment ContaminationRead More »

Private Branch Exchange Telecommunication Switch that was contaminated by highly corrosive substances from a building collapse.

Elevator System ContaminationRead More »

W&A was retained to evaluate the scope of damage, recovery efforts, and repair costs for elevator systems reported as damaged by water.

Power Surge to Mobile MRIRead More »

W&A was retained to investigate the cause, scope, and repair cost for damage to a 1.5T Mobile MRI from a power surge generated by a hospital's electrical power grid.

Information Technology in Large-Scale LossesRead More »

W&A was retained on virtually every large World Trade Center IT equipment claim (ranging from $10 million - $300 million for the IT portion). Based our evaluation of the IT equipment, we determined the scope of damage, required corrective action, comparable replacement equipment, and repair options.

Outside Plant Cabling EvaluationRead More »

W&A was retained to analyze a claim for damage to outside plant (OSP) cabling and to assist the insurance company in determining coverage.

Fire to Ammonia Refrigeration SystemRead More »

W&A was retained to verify damage to a cold-storage ammonia refrigeration system due to fire. Although equipment damage was obvious in the immediate area of the fire, there was concern over whether the system sustained internal damage.

Chiller LeakageRead More »

W&A was retained to evaluate damage to piping integral to the chiller system for a building's air conditioning.