Outside Plant Cabling Evaluation

W&A was retained to analyze a claim for damage to outside plant (OSP) cabling and to assist the insurance company in determining coverage. The Insured is a telecommunications provider that co-locates at a central office of several major telecommunication providers. The claim was for approximately $525,000 in repair costs to damaged cabling and impact to the business from the outage of the circuits, and the coverage was limited to buried cable. We analyzed cable infrastructure drawings, trouble ticket reports, and other data to determine the scope of damage associated with the OSP cable and to establish a repair cost. Based on this evaluation, we determined the scope and costs for damaged buried cable (covered), aerial cable (not covered), and undamaged buried cable (no claim), and we established the repair costs for the covered OSP cable only. Our analysis was also used to measure the Business Interruption claim associated with covered OSP only. As a result of our recommendations, the repair costs were reduced by $295,000 and the Business Interruption claim was reduced by 50 percent.